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Adjustable 3 Arm Wire Folding Jenny

  • Compact, fully collapsible design.
  • Adjustable wire guide fingers.
  • Self regulating friction hub to prevent Jenny overrun.
  • Gold zinc plating for increased corrosion protection
  • Complete with ground spike – stand available as an optional extra

Helix Wire Winding Jenny

  • Easily winds up old fencing wire! Allows efficient vertical winding without bending over
  • Quick release rotor for easy coil removal
  • Recovered wire coil fits wire dispensing jenny for reuse
  • Integral ground stand allows jenny to be used to
    dispense wire from the ground
  • Rugged steel construction, gold passivated for corrosion protection

Permanent 4 Arm Wire Jenny Dispenser

  • Self-regulating friction hub to prevent wire overrun.
  • Convenient handle for re-coiling used wire.
  • Designed for a standard 25kg coil of wire.
  • Complete with ground spike – Stand available as optional extra.